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Dark Bedrooms Could Help You Sleep Better

Dark bedroom aesthetic has been on the rise for a while now and it’s not difficult to see why. The striking dark colours plus the simplicity of dark-themed bedrooms make them look coordinated, classy, and inviting.

Asides looking good enough for the gram, dark-themed bedrooms can be good for your sleep. Our internal clock – also known as the circadian rhythm is mostly influenced by light which urges us to stay awake when it’s bright and asleep when it’s dark. You could say that without technology’s influence, we are wired to sleep when it’s dark out.

Due to this internal clock, being in a dark bedroom with very little light makes us feel sleepy thereby removing half the hassle of falling asleep. Also, the muted colors of a dark bedroom have a calming effect on our minds. All these make dark bedrooms the perfect setup for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Foundation explains the science of why dark rooms or darkness induce sleepiness

"In response to darkness, the pineal gland begins to produce melatonin. Melatonin is a serotonin-derived hormone that promotes sleepiness."

What exactly counts as ‘dark’?

For the purpose of this article, we’re mostly referring to shades of black but only use colors that you are comfortable with. Dark grey works just fine and so does dark brown. As striking as dark bedrooms are, a room that you can’t bear to sleep in is no good so stick to the spectrum of ‘dark’ that you are comfortable with.

For inspiration, here are some dark-themed bedrooms we absolutely adore.

How to style a dark aesthetic bedroom

To style a dark bedroom, you need the following:

  • Dark wall(s) – a dark-colored wall is the cornerstone of having a dark themed bedroom. If you decide to paint just one section of your wall dark, aim for the section where your bed will be. Your bed area is the highlight of your bedroom so having your bed against a dark wall sets the tone of the room.
  • Dark curtains – asides complimenting a room’s aesthetic, dark curtains could serve as makeshift blackout curtains. These are great for days when you want to sleep in and not be woken by the rays of sunlight
  • Dark bedding – Bedding plays a huge part in the theme of your room. You could have the darkest-colored walls and curtains but the second you have light-colored sheets on your bed, the room doesnt seem so dark anymore. So if you’re going for the full experience, compliment with dark bedding.
  • Other items that contribute to a dark room aesthetic include dark furniture (bedframe, bedside table, shelves etc), greyscale portraits, dark fixtures and so on.

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