We believe that making our home comfortable is not a luxury, but a necessity.That is why our goal is to make innovative products that deliver on comfort and best value to make your living experience at home more enjoyable. for your section.

From Our Founders

We have always been fascinated with the tranquility of hotel rooms so when we were setting up our home years ago, we sought to recreate the same experience in our home.  After searching extensively, we realized that it was nearly impossible to shop for good quality bedding in Nigeria. 

So we decided to build a company that would make a wide range of great quality products for the bedroom and bathroom accessible in Nigeria without the need to shop abroad. After several years of research, hardwork and dedication, that vision is now a reality not only for homes in Nigeria but for several homes around the world.

We hope to continue to deepen people's consciousness about sleep, wellness and good living.

Lolade & Seun

About LSA Home

Our Journey, Our Ethos, Our Promise

Our journey began in 2011 with a simple mission: to build a company that specialized in providing exceptional and comfortable essentials for the bed and bath space.

Our Ethos has been the same from the beginning. Starting with retailing other brands and then evolving to making our own line of products, we have always believed that bed and bath linen should not merely be decorative or treated as an essential. It should be expertly curated as a means to enhance people's well-being and comfort. 

Our Promise to you is to consistently simplify decorating your bedroom and bathroom with innovative and exceptional products that deliver outstanding value and comfort; giving you great satisfaction.

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