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Here’s Why You Should Always Use Duvet Covers

Duvet Covers are layers of bedding used to completely encase a duvet. Duvet covers come in a range of fabrics, designs, and sizes (to match the size of your duvet). These covers usually have zips or buttons to keep the duvet from falling out. A Duvet Cover is absolutely necessary for a number of reasons:

1) They protect your duvet
2) They are easier to clean than the actual duvet
3) Duvet covers keep your room stylish
4) Some duvet covers come with extra pillowcases
5) They are easier to store than duvets
6) Duvet covers are more affordable than duvets

1) They protect your duvet

Because duvet covers completely encase your duvet, they protect them from dirt, sweat, and body oils. As a result, your duvets will last longer than if you didn’t use these protective covers.

2) Easy to clean

Duvets tend to be quite bulky – even the lightweight duvets – as such can be a hassle to wash. With duvet covers, you don’t have to wash your duvets as often, simply wash the covers which weigh just as much as regular sheets and are just as easy to watch.

3) Keeps your room stylish

Duvet covers are available in plain colors and a variety of designs so it’s easy to switch up the style of your room. You could match your duvet to your sheets or mix and match with patterns and textures for a fun look.

4) Extra Pillowcases

Most duvet covers are sold as a set which usually includes two or more pillowcases – some sheet sets even have duvet covers in them. This gives you more style options for your room.

5) Easy to Store

Duvet covers will only take as much space as your sheets compared to duvets.3 spare duvets will require much more storage than 1 spare and tens of duvet covers.

6) Affordability

When you really weigh the pros and cons, it is cheaper for you to use duvet covers than not to use and as a result change your duvets more often due to wear and tear.

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