At LSA, our goal is to design and manufacture the finest bed, bath and lifestyle products that are made with exceptional materials and excellent workmanship to deliver superior comfort and durability. Because of our commitment to unparalleled quality, we partner with reputable factories around the world that utilize best practices and modern production technology.

Having achieved great success with our products for the home, followed by a high demand to replicate the same for hospitality users, we are proud to now offer a specially curated line of products designed to meet the requirements of commercial use, pricing and sustainability for hotels, short lets and other commercial accommodations.

We are grateful for your continued support of the LSA brand and we hope to always be of great service to you.


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At LSA, we go beyond just hotel supplies to being a valuable partner with capacity to advise on industry trends and deliver perfectly tailored solutions. Our goal is to satisfy the diverse needs of each client based on its individual requirements and processes.  

Our offerings include Mattresses, Bedding Basics, Bath and Bed Linen, Guest Amenities, Room Appliances. In addition to this, we are equipped to source and procure other related and non-related products for the hospitality industry. 

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We have worked with a number of hotels, corporate and commercial guest houses, short let apartments and so much more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, we do. As long as the product type permits it to be branded, we can brand it using your preferred method either via embroidery, screen printing or engraving. Branding may be subject to minimum quantities and specifications.

No. However, we try to keep our prices stable for a reasonable period as the economy permits. Prices may also be negotiated and may be reviewed subject to quantities and other specifications. We are therefore only able to provide a final price at the time of the order.

Yes we do. Delivery charges may apply depending on the location and specification of the order. We are able to deliver Nationwide.

We offer a sourcing and procurement service, so even if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can assist to source, purchase and ship the product. We also carry some other products that may not be in this catalog. Please call us for more details.

Yes you can. Please contact us to schedule a presentation or visit our office. Please note however that some samples may be unavailable at the time of request, we will however endeavour to provide the sample as quickly as possible.

Please contact us on any of our channels listed below and we will be ready to answer your questions promptly.