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5 Things To Look Out For When Buying Protectors

The best mattress protectors will keep your bed clean and safe from spills, sweat, allergens and dust. There are lots of reasons to invest in a mattress protector. The handy fabric covers act as a protective layer between you and your mattress, helping it to stay in better shape for a longer time. 

Let’s take a look at all that your mattress gathers over time:

  • Dust and consequently dust mites,
  • Germs and allergens,
  • Dead skin cells,
  • Food particles,
  • Moisture and perspiration.

A mattress protector safeguards your mattress from all of these, keeping it hygienic for you to sleep on. It also prevents your mattress from being worn down and keeps it fresh as new, making it last longer.

Guide to Buying a Mattress Protector:


  • Size

The size of your mattress will determine the size of the protector to buy. Buy a protector that fits your mattress for maximum protection. Not only does this make it easier to fit, it will also keep it secure, preventing annoying slippage while you sleep.

  • Comfort

The type of material will measure the level of protection and comfort that you’ll get. Additional cushion will help in keeping you warm. Purchase a protector that will not leave you regretting but provide that cozy feeling. For instance, our mattress protectors are quilted, this adds extra cushioning to your mattress, thereby providing more comfort.

  • Breathability

Choose a protector that allows air to pass in and out. Even though mattress protectors should be moisture-resistant, they should allow the passage of air in and out, providing that comfort that you need. Go for natural fibers like cotton or naturally moisture-wicking bamboo, or tencel. Note that the primary fabric in your protector may be blended with polyester, while polyester isn't natural, its antimicrobial properties do help prevent the growth of unwanted microorganisms. 

  • Is it hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic protectors are resistant to various causes of allergy and also protect people who might be sensitive to certain kinds of fabric.

  • Ease of washing

This is a very crucial factor when selecting a mattress protector. The mattress protector you buy should be easy to wash, this will enable you to remove spills and stains that ought to transfer to your mattress or topper. Just like taking a bath every day, cleaning your protector is very important. 


 How to care for your mattress protector:

  • Wash once before using it. Follow any specific wash care instructions on the label
  • Wash at cold or lukewarm temperature with other bed linen. High heat could damage it
  • Dry on low heat setting or simply line dry it
  • Use bleach-free detergent. Bleach could damage its waterproof properties
  • Wash it on an average of two times a month
  • Wash and dry it at home. Dry cleaning or ironing could damage its protective quality

In Nigeria, It is easier to settle for the old school mackintosh, it prevents spills and stains, and it's way cheaper, someone might say. However, though water-proofed, mackintosh does not provide the comfort that a mattress protector gives, also it could slip off the bed, exposing the mattress to stains. There is no also no guarantee that your mattress won’t be the abode of bugs, dust mites etc. 

In choosing beddings, one of the things you should always consider is Comfort. As much as you are protecting your mattress, you don’t have to forfeit comfortable sleep with it, that is why getting a mattress protector is a great investment.  

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