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Top 5 Bedroom Essentials You Need

While there’s no set formula to designing your bedroom, it’s nothing if not comfortable.

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, what you’ll need depends on your specific taste, and your design style. Of course, you need somewhere comfortable to unwind after a long day…your bedroom is more than just the aesthetics.

So, whatever your bedroom vibe might be, you need some of these essentials to help you sleep better. Whether you are planning a bedroom makeover or moving into a new home this guide will let you in on these 5 basic essentials.

Now let’s hop right in and create your own slice of bedroom paradise!

  • A Good Mattress

  • First things first, let's talk about the crown jewel of your sleep sanctuary – your mattress! High up on the list of bedroom essentials. The health benefits of a good mattress should never be overlooked. But which type is best for you?

    From the side sleepers, to the front and back sleepers, to those with stiff necks, and back pain, there’s a good mattress for you at LSA Home, thoughtfully engineered to accommodate everyone. To find out more on the impact of your mattress click here.

  • Pillows

  • Have you also noticed the alluring plushness and lofty dimensions that pillows give to a room? Asides being a bedroom essential that helps you sleep better, pillows also enhance the look of your room. It’s undeniable…

    You can never have too many pillows! Also try having a mix of them. To know more about what pillow type is suitable for you click here. Don’t forget your pillowcases for a more spicy look.

  • Soothing Fragrance

  • Scents play a powerful role in creating a more relaxing environment. Certain smells evoke memories from childhood, or from a loved one, or from memorable trips. Try figuring out what fragrance puts you in a good mood and brings you so close to home.

    From our reed diffusers, to scented candles, whatever your scent preference may be, either woody, fresh, strong, or mild there’s something for you. And asides filling your space with a relaxing scent, they switch up the look of your bedroom to a 100 real quick.

  • Throw Blankets

  • You know, no matter what the season is, throw blankets are always essential in your bedroom. With throw blankets you can never run out of new ways to style your bedroom. They are lightweight yet warm, making them incredibly versatile pieces of bedding.

    The Katya throw is just perfect for a cozy up movie night. Throws can serve as a cozy layer, or a modern styling accessory. Click here to explore our beautiful collection of knitted and fur throw blankets.

  • Storage

  • Creating a clutter-free bedroom is critical to a good night’s sleep, say no to a messy room by cultivating a neat and organized space with the use of storage baskets. One good thing about storage baskets, bins and boxes is that they create valuable space for your other belongings, and they give your bedroom space  this natural vibe.

    Ta-da! Now you know the top 5 essentials to invest in when it comes to creating your perfect bedroom.

    PS: the list doesn’t end here, click here to see more recommendations that can elevate your bedroom space in style and comfort.

    Before you leave, we want you to know that your bedroom isn’t just a room; it's your personal haven, your oasis of calm, and your creative canvas. 

    So, surround yourself with all the comfort that makes you feel like the royalty you are.

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